Tahoe Miller Group, Inc. (Operating at times as Fat Brands) is a real estate development company that identified a massive opportunity within the food sector, and immediately began to strategically acquire, market, and improve restaurant concepts worldwide while focusing on securing any and all real estate associated with running those and other restaurants in the areas they directly service

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About Us

Restaurant Driven Real Estate Development

We’ve identified a major opportunity zone within the restaurant industry. We are pursuing any and all real estate development opportunities that allow us to also place the restaurant brands that we have franchised. Listed below is a list of our partners at Fat Brands that we will be implementing throughout all of our real estate locations.


Our Team Rocks!

“Came Way Faster Than Expected”

“We Never Really Order Delivery, I expected To Get Something Cold, Soggy, And Just Not Tasty. I Was So Wrong! Not Only Did It Come Fast, The food Was Perfect!”

Stephanie – San Jose

“The Burgers Are Just So Good!”

“Buns! Best Buns I’ve Had On A Burger, Just Completes The Whole Puzzle. ”

McKenzie – San Francisco 

“Find Me A Better Spot, I Dare You”

“My Family And I Love Eating Out, But This Is Always One Of The Places We Order From On A Weekly Basis.”

Ella – San Francisco

“Has Everything We Love”

“There’s nothing better than eating at a restaurant that gives you the same exact quality every single time.”

Johnathan – San Jose

We Can’t Wait To Serve You!

Flagship At San Francisco! 

90909 – 9169696915

The Promenade At San Jose
90909 – 91995195231

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