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We presently receive SSI for my center son, it comes for me by means of a check. How do you understand this become deposit that is direct my bank checking account?

I happened to be interested to see if anybody has skilled this or had a situation that is similar? My better half is representative payee for their bro in which he ended up being getting their direct deposit on Direct Express. After many months and several issues later on, he made a decision to change to a bank that is local. Nevertheless the deposit that is direct nevertheless provided for Direct Express. The Direct Express is really an account that is closed however they are nevertheless keeping their impairment funds in the place of delivering them returning to Social safety. We now have currently contacted Social protection and has now been already an and direct express has still not released the funds week. We thought if a free account was shut it was automatically repaid. We can’t manage to keep having to pay our bills and their, too. Can there be whatever else that may be done? And, does anybody understand how long this could just just take?

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Hi Candi, This appears like a situation that you’d have to contact Direct Express about, when you yourself have perhaps not already. They might be in a position to correct the blunder and back send the money to your SSA.

We recieve my social safety by direct deposit into my banking account. We do want to start a fresh account.How very long does it decide to try switch my direct deposit up to account that is new?

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Hi Donna, i might contact the SSA concerning the time it will require at 1-800-772-1213 for them to transfer accounts, you can either visit their website at or call them.

How sholud i utilize her cash whenever my woman is hooked on drugs sex cigarettes please help she actually is bipoal and autisim do i give her cash or mAke here earn it

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Hi Michael, i’m very sorry to know about this! That you get on her behalf should be used for treating her medical conditions, basic needs, education, ect if you are a representative payee, the SSI funds. You need to monitor any acquisitions as you will have to account for the money spent, and it’s also a good idea to keep these funds in a separate account as well that you make for this. You aren’t obligated to provide the beneficiary the cash straight by any means that I went over above if you are the representative payee, but it should be used for the purposes.

My son receives SSI and SSD straight deposited in the bank every month. Just how do we vary from the lender to a Credit Union? Our branch that is local is.

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Hi Maureen, You will have to contact the SSA to alter your banking details, their site is and you may want to phone them at 1-800-772-1312.

i have a fresh account n0 I have to put back at my directdeposit

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Hi Pamela, we have been maybe perhaps not associated with the SSA, you’ll have to touch base to them about any of it. You’ll contact them at 1-800-772-1213 or at

Whenever one young child receives SSI, do their siblings’ cash count against them?

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Hi Jenn, SSI advantages for kids are determined based from the moms and dad’s earnings, and so the sibling’s cash may never be counted when it comes to purposes of advantages unless that cash had been counted as earnings or a resource.

We switched my ssi to a credit union from the bank deposit that is direct it’s been 14 days and additionally they nevertheless state it is pending is this normal

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Hi Rebecca, It does just just just take some right time for the SSA to process alterations in your data, I would personally contact them for a schedule for just how long you would have to await advantageous assets to be deposited in your account.

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